Executive Board and Committee Chairs

Board Meeting
November, 2015

Supper at Sandy's
September, 2013 Meeting
District 19 Board
March 2012 Meeting
Executive Board

President: Paul Bardack PRBardack@gmail.com
Program Vice President:
Brien Kinkel

Second Vice President:  Vacant
Vaughn Stewart
Recording Secretary: Steven Cenname StevenCenname@gmail.com
Corresponding Secretary: Trudye Addison
Financial Secretary: Vacant

Communications Officer: vacant

Member at Large: Vacant
Member at Large:
Dorothe Dow DorUlr@msn.com
Member at Large: Joyce Murrell 
Member at Large: Vacant
Student member, Member at Large: vacant

Immediate Past President: Elliot Chabot eChabot@usa.net


Here is a fantastic way to get involved in your club.  If you have any interest in serving in any of the following capacities, contact Club President Paul Bardack.

Communications Officer:  Responsible for photographing and publicizing the club's activities.  Maintains the Club's calendar of events.  Chairs the Communications Committee.
Student Member:  Serves as a liaison between the young members of the Club and the Executive Board.  Also performs functions assigned by the President in concert with the Executive Board. 

Executive Board meetings

The Board meets monthly in the homes of members -- usually on the second Monday of the month at 7:00 pm.  RSVP appreciated.  Email Paul Bardack for info: PRBardack@gmail.com.